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Kinds Of Fabric Will Definitely Keep You Cool In The Hot Summer

04 lip

The summer is coming and the temperature climbing quickly. How to lower your body surface temperature? Except for the thickness of the clothes, the fabric material also plays an important role in the hot summer. Now we introduce 3 kinds of fabric that will keep you cool and fresh in the summer.

Generally, there are 3 kinds of natural fiber suitable for summer dressing, silk, linen and cotton, among which the silk will keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. The silk, known as mulberry silk, is a precious gift given by nature. It is honored as the second skin of human beings in that it is skin-friendly and protects the wearers from the harm of fire. Compared with the linen and cotton fabric, the silk fabric does a better job in its lightness, drape effect, resilience, wrinkle resistance and bacteria inhibition. It has the minimum coefficient of friction among all fibers. Therefore, it is cool, absorbent and skin friendly and it will give your skin meticulous care. As soon as you slip on the silk clothing, you will say good bye to the sticky feeling.
white dress

The second absorbent fabric is the linen, followed by the cotton. The linen fabric has a long history in the fashion world. It used to be a symbol of authority and people from upper class in the ancient times. Given name as the natural air conditioner, the linen is featuring in absorbency and breathability. The linen dress is so absorbent that it can absorb moisture 20 times more than its moisture content. Thus, the linen fabric is absorb and breathable, keeping us far away from the heat and stiffing feelings. Also, the linen clothes is friendly to women who have sensitive skin. The plant ingredients of the linen fabric can anti-allergy. As a result, the linen Clothes keeps going and going and simply does not go away at all.
linen a line dress

Compared with the silk and linen fabric, the cotton fabric is wallet-friendly to each person. Although it is not as absorbent as the silk and linen, the cotton can also make the wearers comfortable in the high temperature. It is soft, absorbent but not easy to cause deformation. What’s more, there is a variety of styles in the cotton fabric. It is preferred by people not only for its relative cheaper price but also for its various styles and absorbency.

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Linen Shirt With Mini Short Is Shinning

19 cze

With the increasing temperature, the spring is passing away and the summer is coming. I think many of you have already prepared well for your summer wardrobe. Women really love and hate the summer. The summer is one of the most favorite seasons among women in that they can wear different kinds of beautiful clothes this season. However, they dislike the summer because it is hot and sticky. Anyway, we should spend the summer with a good look. Wear a dress, shirt, tee or shorts? It is hot outside while freezing cold in the room with air conditioner. How to work it? Maybe the perfect match of shirt and mini shorts may help you.
womens linen pants

Firstly, we would like to show you about the classical and the most basic shirt, the white shirt. It is simple but versatile. Therefore, the bottom short is including but not limited to the jeans one. The fabric and color of the shorts are diversified. A pair of dark red mini shorts can be a perfect match with the white shirt. It will create a sharp and fresh look. The long lantern sleeve design enables women to hide their flabby arms and improve the arm line. Besides, the long sleeve design will protect you from the fickle temperature both indoor and outdoor. The red mini short is sharp and eye-catching, elongating your leg line. A pair of leather shoes and hand bag will be perfect matches for women to create a sharp and chic office look.
linen blouse

Another fresh color in the summer may be the light blue color. A light blue shirt is like a fresh breeze in the summer; a light blue shirt is like the seawater; the light blue color is like the blue sky… In a word, the light blue shirt will give us a cool and fresh summer. It is a perfect match with the jeans or white mini shorts. A blue shirt, a pair of mini jeans short and sunglasses will create a casual but fresh summer look. Your slender legs will be displayed perfectly. If your think it still too hot for you to wear a long sleeve shirt in the hot days, a linen shirt may help you work out this situation. Although it is also long sleeve, the linen fabric will keep you cool and fresh in the sticky days. Made of linen fabric, the line light blue shirt will take you into a world with exceptional coolness and freshness with its capacity of absorbency and breathability.
Long Sleeves Blouse

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Boat Collar Linen Clothes

18 maj

The summer is coming soon and here comes a variety of beautiful clothes. The summer fashion is not only colorful but also cool and fresh. Except from the round collar and v collar, the boat collar has come into our view and has been popular among fashion in recent years. Regarded as one of the most prevalent designs in fashion world, the boat collar is charming and beautiful. So what is boat collar? Boat collar, also known as bateau collar and Sabrina neckline, is a wide and horizontal neckline. It follows the line of collarbone and it is high in front and back.

The boat neck is preferred and selected by more and more women. Do boat collar fits all figures? I don’t think so. Clothes with boat collar tend to fit women with narrow shoulders. The horizontal line will improve their narrow shoulders and make them more charming. However, women with wide shoulders should be more cautious about the boat collar. People will place great emphasis on your naked shoulders. It is easy for this collar to put you in the shade. As a result, women with wide shoulders should think carefully before they make decisions. dress

A dress with boat collar will add your beauty of sweetness, elegance and charm. The boat collar allows elongating the neckline and shows your exquisite collarbone, emphasizing the bony sense and delicate face. If you think the sleeveless design is hardly acceptable, you may have a try on the cap sleeve design. The cap sleeve, which covers the flabby part of the arms, camouflages your flabby arms and improves the figure proportion. Moreover, it is suitable for hot days and it will keep you cool and fresh all days long. The figure-flattering design highlights your curvy figure. It is drop-dead gorgeous.
linen shift dress

A white tee with boat collar will make you enjoy your days. A white tee is widely accepted by people all over the world. It is simple but versatile. Made of pure linen clothes , the white tee will keep you better in the hot days. The long sleeve design, which can camouflage the flabby arms, is suitable in all seasons. It will also protect you from the freezing cool air condition in summer. The bateau highlights your beauty of elegance and it will camouflage your “too wide” shoulders. Two slit at either side of the hem is for convenient dressing and display your waist.
womens linen shirts

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Athleisure: A New Trend For Mix&Match

20 kwi

In the past, it was universally considered as indecent when you put on clothes in totally different styles. That is, however, a medieval point of view nowadays, cause mix&match style is leading the fashion. Among which, athleisure is likely to be the most popular one. It can be seen literally it’s a mixture of Athletic and Leisure. If you want to keep the pace with the new trend, let’s check what to wear.
Sports T-shirt paring with jeans
Go for a Sports T shirt with a pair of jeans. The point of this look is the sports brand logo. It functions the same as a simple patter on the shirt, but is more cool i think. This look is not only suitable for off-hours but also for college students, youthful and vigorous.


Super simple tops with sports pants.
If you are not into jeans or tights, you can go for a pair of sport pants, with a super simple white T. There are all kinds of sport pants, some are straight, some are skinny like yoga pants, some are long wide-legs style and others are sweat pants.

linen top
Sport suits with overcoat
May be many women will wear a set of sport suit at home, since it’s so comfortable. Now, you just put on an overcoat before heading out the door, a chic athleisure look has been done. How convenient it is! I love that mix&match cause it’s really customized for lazy persons. What’s more , this athleisure has appeared in Fendi Spring 2017 READY-TO-WEAR Fashion Show and got a great popularity. As the temperature rise, you could replace the overcoat by a cardigan or a linen thin coat.
linen top

Suit or blazer paring with hoodie
Also hoodie is one of the vogue icons for athleisure. It is best to go for a casual suit with hoodie, which could be little formal as well as comfortable. What’s more, since it’s spring now, the weather is warm, we can try some linen suits with hoodie, is cool enough. Just make sure not to pick a thick hoodie, otherwise you will look very bloated. Go for a bright color hoodie inside to launch your girl’s power.
linen top

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How to Wear Shirt and Wide-Leg Pants as Style Icons in Spring

05 kwi

It’s generally know that shirts and wide-leg pants are both fashionable item in spring. However, out of surprise, combine them together are making some fashion sparkles: render you not only simple but also elegant; not only handsome, but also sweet; not only clever but also romantic. A variety of style can be changed at random. And the very point is that this combination will help you look taller and slimmer. I am not saying that being tall and thin is the only gold standard of beauty, but that would help you build some confidence on certain occasions, why not have a try? Let’s go!
Shirt plus wide-leg pants are suitable for a number of different formal and informal occasion.And because of that, they are greatly affected by many Hollywood celebrities.



Even in early 1930s, famous Hollywood actress Vivien Leigh were wearing wide-leg pants.
How to choose shirts?
Due to wide-leg pants are a loose style, the tops shouldn’t be loose too. Following a rule that tights on the upper body while looses on the lower body so as to create a effect on being slim. This short cut linen shirts for women will be a nice choice. The key to this look is neat and refreshing.


linen pants

How to choose wide-leg pants?
No matter how long the linen pants for women you choose, they should be high-waist. Developing the waist line in order to lengthen your legs from vision. It’s popular to attach a bright bow with long ribbons to your waist so that strips of color cascade down the pants. On the other hand, it’s inadvisable to employ the trousers with over wide legs. Otherwise it looks bloated.
plus size pants

Casual Loose fit Linen Women Long Wide Leg Trouser:
linen pants

How to choose footwear?
If you want to be taller, high heels are of course the first choice. What’s more, single-colored high heels matches with white shirt and wide-leg pants is perfect.

If you don’t get used to wear a pair of high-heel, canvas shoes will be OK, especially the white ones.

In summary, wide-leg pants is a kind of evergreen item in fashion mixing a ordinary shirt can be a cool person. As is spring now, just pick one for your new image. Welcome to visit:

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Naomi Poses With White Ropes In A Strange Scene

16 mar

She is one of the longest date models in the industry, having first caught the attention of nearly thirty years ago.
But Naomi Campbell showed no signs of stopping on Friday as she took center stage in the shows a little ‚unconventional Tod during the Milan fashion week.
The supermodel, 46, boasted an ageless complexion and her beautiful, radiant skin as she posed in nothing but a linen sheet, surrounded by ropes and branches, on the catwalk.

Streatham born beauty looked gorgeous as ever as she smiled sweetly for the camera, showing off her enviable youthful complexion.
Sweep the dark strands into a low ponytail, Naomi displayed her skin smooth and clear for all to see, he let speak for itself with the addition of make-up minimal.
Covering her figure in just a thin linen sheet to leave his delicate cleavage on display, his model usually exchanged fierce runway walk to pose quietly with eyes closed for the ethereal presentation.

Adding to the natural atmosphere of the shoot, Naomi was surrounded by unusual white ropes and branches as she took center stage, seated in front of his fellow models.
The model was then seen leaving its appearance the fashion week in a typically glamorous way – after the show was met with applause.
Covering for colder temperatures, Naomi came to Milan in the afternoon in a big fur, despite having modeled in the PETA ‚I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ campaign 20 years ago.

Keeping her look both casual and cool, she layered the statement jacket on top of a black sweater and comfortable pants outerwear, paired with matching trainers in black and white.
Not without a touch of glamor, however, the empire’s star has left her hair in an elegant style and straight, and equipped with his trademark dark glasses factory as he ventured into a relaxing afternoon out.
Naomi has not shown signs of slowing down her modeling career, in recent weeks, having appeared in both weeks in New York and London fashion this month already.
Now in Milan, the model is enjoying time both on and off the catwalk as one of the fashion elite – after taking his place on frow Versace show of the capital next to Lewis Hamilton.
Dazzling in a vibrant purple dress, beauty then happily reached with the F1 driver, and was quick to document the trip by snapping a few selfies of them together.
Despite that exudes confidence at every event, supermodel icon recently admitted that she still gets nervous when walking the catwalks of the world alongside some of the young pretenders of today.
‚I feel nervous when I go out [on the track],’ said the March issue of Town & Country magazine. ‚I just try to make it down in one piece and get it back in one piece. I enjoy it, but I’m nervous’.
He added: ‚Especially now. I mean, I’m 46, and these girls are 21 or 18 … I do not know if it’s the age thing, necessarily, but for me there’s always a vulnerability there ‚.

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Cristina Wrinkled White Shirt

07 mar

It ‚s always make a statement with her knockout curves.
Thursday ‚, Christina Hendricks stunned while appearing in New York to promote his new comedy Fist Fight.
The beauty Auburn showed his form in a set in black and white, while she was joined by director Richie Keen to AOL Studios for BUILD series speak.

womens linen tops
Good in white! The red-haired beauty looked lovely in a ruffled white blouse that covered her ample curves
You could see the signature curves 41-year-old star under the modest appearance which featured a high-necked shirt with collar and ruffley Star embroidery.
Talent Mad Men hid the top in a big dark skirt that has still managed to cling to the sides of Christina.

The actress units added a bit ‚in height to her look with a pair of heels triple buckle that peeked out from under her long skirt during the interview.
Christina was joined by director Richie Keen, who was also there to talk about the film also starring Charlie Day, Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan.
In the next film, the shapely talent portrays Miss Monet, an acting coach whose colleagues get challenge to a fight after school.
long linen skirt
Over the next punch, the Emmy nominated talent will star in British comedy Crooked House later this year.
2016 was also a busy year for the star who has had a part in the psychological thriller The fashion-centric Neon demon and brought laughter to Bad Santa 2.
You can take Christina along with the rest of the cast of star fistfight

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Resort Fashion Week

27 lut

INIFD presented the 23rd Batch of Gen Next stars at the signature fashion firm that inaugurated Day One at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer / Resort 2017. It was an elegant explosion on the ramp when talented designers showed their neo-futuristic creations guided by Fashion experts Sabina Chopra; For the very appreciative audience who witnessed the show with an intensified emotion.

Linen dress


Pallavi Singh of Noida presented his ARCVSH label with a collection called „Tokyo-Delhi”. The obvious inspirations were Indian and Japanese but it was the Japanese hand embroidery called Shashiko, very similar to the Kantha of India and the hand block printing which was the cynosure of the creations. With the indigo as a color base and a melting of cotton and Chanderi, the separates were a feast for the eyes. Will power tops with embellished long skirts, knee-length gilets and feminine skirts created an impact on the ramp. Skirt skirt dress over trousers and white embroidered coat and pants moved in the pure white zone. The last long skirt embellished with a navy blue bomber jacket was a great entrance.


Featured in several fashion magazines in India and New York, Nakita Singh, the new fashion star of Kolkata, unveiled her collection „Outline” inspired by doodle and art forms. With nature as a theme, Nakita started with white / black creations and used embroidery on natural fabrics like khadi and linen to present a fresh and comfortable summer look. Maxi shirts were highlighted with black contours on the bodice and cuffs, while the black / white jackets were large eye catchers when they joined, layers and stripes with white socks. Capri Baggy with vest and tunic, short sleeve jacket with capris / tunic and maxi with a long cover were super looks. The final sari and draping blouse creatively brought a final fusion to the range.
Linen A-line Dress


Ishanee Mukherjee and Anirudh Chawla made sure that their label „Poochki” focuses not only on Indian textiles and crafts but also projected their impressions of imaginative wildlife with block carving and printing. The Delhi design duo projected the conservation of animals through the medium, which was sometimes inspired by the Orient. Transparent and opaque fabrics in pale gray, pale blue and white pastels became relaxed lace trousers, shorts with sleeves printed in layers and beautiful printed summer dresses. Printed dress with long sleeves and long sleeves, shorts, cap and cap, an interesting dress on the jacket and the maxi skirt gorgeous with a flouncy jacket were ideal summer options.


Soumodeep Dutta, winner of several awards, was the star student of NIFT Kolkata and called his collection „Connecting Link”, which had a spiritual flavor that sought to understand the foundations of Supreme Power. Featuring an innovative line of garments inspired by sari curtains, Soumodeep ensured that there was a surprising continuity in design sensibilities. Hence the verses of garments often became fronts and vis-a-versa. Here the designer allowed the user complete freedom and encouraged creativity to change shape and silhouette according to one’s desire. Cute shorts were draped with loose tunics and sari-inspired shades worked well with striped tunics. The looped dress with batwing sleeves was inspired by the sari; While the draped hems were shifting over the shoulders for a midi and the final draped sari-cum-pant with a loose-fitting blouse was in tune with the theme.
linen pants


The label „The Pot Plant” by Resham Karmchandani and Sanya Suri believed in the dictation of zero-waste-free fashion through cycling. The silhouettes were crisp and linear with natural fabrics, which made the garments almost a second skin. The collection called „Beyond the binary” was a line of genre fluid with anti-adjustment as the basis of the silhouettes. Using pure cotton in cool staple tones, the neutral cuts along with hand embroidered floral motifs were ideal for the moist months. Boxy jackets combined with cropped loose trousers, inspired kimono jackets, patched pants and soft blouses in shades of brown, navy and gray looked stylish. The wear of men and women moved smoothly through the show and could be exchanged by users. Solids and stripes came together in perfect harmony for blouses, pleated pants, long-sleeved linen tunic dresses and contrasting navy, dark red, white stripes and discreet floral embroidery to break the monotony.

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Share Some Chic Sleeves Clothes.

29 gru

Chic sleeves are occasionally taken to one of the best embellishments of garments. They are not simply classified as sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves based on length any more. Today we would like to share some fancy sleeves with you.
Flared Sleeve
Flared sleeve, as its name suggests, the shape of sleeve is similar to flared trumpet. When your arms are moving, the large sleeves is flying like a butterfly in the breeze; it also like a flower in full bloom when it’s still.
Flared sleeve has a miraculous magic that even if a simple solid black/white dress, it will become fashionable and stylish with flared sleeves.

The trendy combinations of “wearing a slip dress outside” is also a great chance for flared sleeves to show its charms. Flattering fit slip dress makes a huge contrast with flared sleeves, which is also a decent look for hopper shape figures.

The fashion circle will never be static. As flared sleeve is sought-after these years, many designers are interested to add some new interesting elements to it, such as flounce, contrast piping, bowknot or ribbons.

Classic vintage turtleneck sweater with flared sleeves builds a clean-cut image.
Lantern Sleeve
The difference between flared sleeve and lantern sleeve is that the latter has gathered cuff, which blows up the sleeve like a lantern. One is flared, the other is gathered, these two kinds of sleeves have its own unique attractiveness.

No matter solid color sleeves or printed floral ones, lantern sleeves is always a good way to show your feminity. According to fashion shows, skirts or wide leg pants are the best partners for lantern sleeve linen blouses.
linen dresses with sleeves
linen trousers

Oversize Sleeve
It is specially suitable for those who prefer street style. Oversize sleeve can be combined with many different kinds of designs. Cut the crap and pictures time.




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Rihanna Wears Very Elegant Clothes

12 gru

linen dress
We have all been confronted with this question at some point in our lives: what should we use to fulfill the prince? Yeah right. Well, Rihanna really had to decide what to put in the presence of Prince Harry, and her answers were elegant. It is understandable that the singer wore two different teams on their first day together in their visit to their home country of Barbados to celebrate the 50th anniversary of island independence.
linen dress
His first look honored the national colors of overseas country and gold; She wore a light blue knee length baggy length of a Matthew adams Dolan sleeve wrap dress, yellow gold pumps and gold bangles. Of course, those were not his only accessories; She also wore silver hoops and a jeweled collar. Rihanna pulled her hair down to the waist of her face in a low ponytail.

Later in the day, the British king sat next to the Barbados-real basically in the Mega Spectacular golden anniversary concert in Kensington Oval stadium in Barbados. Rihanna seasoned things in a loose print printed Marni Maxidress with multiple shades of brown for the holiday party.
womens linen dresses
The next day, the couple took HIV / AIDS testing together to raise awareness about World AIDS Day. While Rihanna seemed nervous to get her blood drawn, she looked comfortable and relaxed in a wide leg linen pants and an upper shoulder.

While his team was rather casual, his hands were dressed for a black tie event. In addition to a god clock and a bright yellow manicure, his fingers had diamonds, gold and gemstone rings.

This trio of sophisticated but unique sets is a complete 180 of the outfits she has been wearing recently. They are simple and discreet, compared with multifaceted athletic-glam look that shook a few days ago Achievement Awards 30 Footwear News, and t-shirts with his face on them that she was a big fan recently. But it makes sense; She was with a prince, after all.

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