A Perfect Dress For Women With Straight Body Shapes

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The summer is coming and it is a season for women to show off their body and skin. However, the imperfections of the body shape impede women to do it. Women with different body shape are encountering one situation: how to avoid their figure weakness and highlight the curvy figures. Even women with straight body shape which is one of the most flattering body types among runways need to improve their figure imperfections, especially in the summer. There’s nothing better than wearing a linen cloth in the leaky days. Featuring in its absorbency, the linen fabric will keep you far away from the awful sticky feelings, allowing the skin to breathe freely. It is so absorbent that it will give the wearers exceptional coolness, freshness and comfort in the stiffing days. How can straight -shape linen dress properly this summer? Firstly, we need to have a better understanding of straight body shape.

The straight body shape, also known as H body shape and banana-shaped, is the most common types among American women. Probably women with straight body shapes are born for runways. The straight-shaped models are often seen in the runways. Typically, women with straight body shape have similar size of bust and hips. The bust and hips are balanced. The legs are slender and arms. Thus, they will be one of the best assets for this body shape. However, the waist will not be nicely defined. What’s worse, the straight-shaped women may have flat bottom. It may be hard to create a curvy one. The waist-less type and flat bottoms will make women look boyish. When gaining weight, it probably falls to torso, upper thighs and arms. As a result, the key for women to dress properly is to proportionally wear the top and bottom of the body, enhance the waist and highlight the shapely legs.
linen shift dress

A linen high waist linen shift dress will definitely make you curvy and “buxom”. It is a perfect dress for women with straight body shapes. The high waist dress hits high on the narrowest part of waist, skims over the hips and booty without pulling and miraculously lands at the perfect length that actually works in their favor. The high waist design will not only can camouflage the tummy, but also add the volume of bust and hips. If necessary, a belt tied on the waist will highlight the waist line. It can help you get rid of paper men and build a curvy figure.

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