Kinds Of Fabric Will Definitely Keep You Cool In The Hot Summer

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The summer is coming and the temperature climbing quickly. How to lower your body surface temperature? Except for the thickness of the clothes, the fabric material also plays an important role in the hot summer. Now we introduce 3 kinds of fabric that will keep you cool and fresh in the summer.

Generally, there are 3 kinds of natural fiber suitable for summer dressing, silk, linen and cotton, among which the silk will keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. The silk, known as mulberry silk, is a precious gift given by nature. It is honored as the second skin of human beings in that it is skin-friendly and protects the wearers from the harm of fire. Compared with the linen and cotton fabric, the silk fabric does a better job in its lightness, drape effect, resilience, wrinkle resistance and bacteria inhibition. It has the minimum coefficient of friction among all fibers. Therefore, it is cool, absorbent and skin friendly and it will give your skin meticulous care. As soon as you slip on the silk clothing, you will say good bye to the sticky feeling.
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The second absorbent fabric is the linen, followed by the cotton. The linen fabric has a long history in the fashion world. It used to be a symbol of authority and people from upper class in the ancient times. Given name as the natural air conditioner, the linen is featuring in absorbency and breathability. The linen dress is so absorbent that it can absorb moisture 20 times more than its moisture content. Thus, the linen fabric is absorb and breathable, keeping us far away from the heat and stiffing feelings. Also, the linen clothes is friendly to women who have sensitive skin. The plant ingredients of the linen fabric can anti-allergy. As a result, the linen Clothes keeps going and going and simply does not go away at all.
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Compared with the silk and linen fabric, the cotton fabric is wallet-friendly to each person. Although it is not as absorbent as the silk and linen, the cotton can also make the wearers comfortable in the high temperature. It is soft, absorbent but not easy to cause deformation. What’s more, there is a variety of styles in the cotton fabric. It is preferred by people not only for its relative cheaper price but also for its various styles and absorbency.

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