Linen Shirt With Mini Short Is Shinning

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With the increasing temperature, the spring is passing away and the summer is coming. I think many of you have already prepared well for your summer wardrobe. Women really love and hate the summer. The summer is one of the most favorite seasons among women in that they can wear different kinds of beautiful clothes this season. However, they dislike the summer because it is hot and sticky. Anyway, we should spend the summer with a good look. Wear a dress, shirt, tee or shorts? It is hot outside while freezing cold in the room with air conditioner. How to work it? Maybe the perfect match of shirt and mini shorts may help you.
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Firstly, we would like to show you about the classical and the most basic shirt, the white shirt. It is simple but versatile. Therefore, the bottom short is including but not limited to the jeans one. The fabric and color of the shorts are diversified. A pair of dark red mini shorts can be a perfect match with the white shirt. It will create a sharp and fresh look. The long lantern sleeve design enables women to hide their flabby arms and improve the arm line. Besides, the long sleeve design will protect you from the fickle temperature both indoor and outdoor. The red mini short is sharp and eye-catching, elongating your leg line. A pair of leather shoes and hand bag will be perfect matches for women to create a sharp and chic office look.
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Another fresh color in the summer may be the light blue color. A light blue shirt is like a fresh breeze in the summer; a light blue shirt is like the seawater; the light blue color is like the blue sky… In a word, the light blue shirt will give us a cool and fresh summer. It is a perfect match with the jeans or white mini shorts. A blue shirt, a pair of mini jeans short and sunglasses will create a casual but fresh summer look. Your slender legs will be displayed perfectly. If your think it still too hot for you to wear a long sleeve shirt in the hot days, a linen shirt may help you work out this situation. Although it is also long sleeve, the linen fabric will keep you cool and fresh in the sticky days. Made of linen fabric, the line light blue shirt will take you into a world with exceptional coolness and freshness with its capacity of absorbency and breathability.
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