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27 maj

“I can’t bare the heat, I am leaking!” “It’s hot enough to melt hell. I hope it will be cooler soon.” “It’s stifling! I can hardly breathe.”…People cannot resist complaining the fire summer. They are suffering from the hot weather. However, there are a group of women who are slipping on the soft, fresh and tasteful linen clothes enjoying the summer. They enjoy this season without fear of heat and sweaty because of the linen fabric. Linen, the gift given by nature, is warmly chased by women in the hot days because of its absorbency, breathability and freshness. The colorful linen clothes become one of the most beautiful sceneries in the stifling days.
linen faric

Abandoning the old for the new is the nature of human beings. So did the fashion trend. However, many fashion trends have been washed off except the linen fashion. The linen fashion has been considering as a symbol of being tasteful and nobility. The linen fashion has a long history in the fashion world. Go back to the Roman Times, the linen clothes are luxurious things for the aristocrats and other people from upper ten to parade. Look back on the history of linen clothes, the linen clothes did preferred and selected by people from upper class even the kings. They are proud of the linen clothes like “Fine linen, plenty of it, and country washing” ““a gentleman should have at least 2 womens linen shirts each day” and so on so forth. Nowadays, with the development and polarity of linen production technology, everyone can afford linen clothes. They are no longer the symbolic clothes for upper class but dressing a linen cloth is a symbol of being tasteful. linen shirt dress

Nevertheless the linen clothes are prevalent among people this year. The linen is widely used in the clothes, sleeping mat, socks or even the insole among which the linen clothes are the most popular one. Typically, the linen fabric is easy to be rumpled. Thus, some people dislike the linen fabric. However, things are different nowadays. The linen fabric is no longer the longer the one it used to be. It could be either a smooth one or a wrinkled one. Made of linen fabric, the linen clothes will keep you cool, fresh and comfortable for its capacity of absorbency and breathability. Not only will it keep your skin cool and fresh, but also it will give us a delightful touch. There’re different kinds of linen clothes including linen dresses, coats, shirts, tees and overalls. This green and environmentally friendly fabric will keep you better all summer long.

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