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18 maj

The summer is coming soon and here comes a variety of beautiful clothes. The summer fashion is not only colorful but also cool and fresh. Except from the round collar and v collar, the boat collar has come into our view and has been popular among fashion in recent years. Regarded as one of the most prevalent designs in fashion world, the boat collar is charming and beautiful. So what is boat collar? Boat collar, also known as bateau collar and Sabrina neckline, is a wide and horizontal neckline. It follows the line of collarbone and it is high in front and back.

The boat neck is preferred and selected by more and more women. Do boat collar fits all figures? I don’t think so. Clothes with boat collar tend to fit women with narrow shoulders. The horizontal line will improve their narrow shoulders and make them more charming. However, women with wide shoulders should be more cautious about the boat collar. People will place great emphasis on your naked shoulders. It is easy for this collar to put you in the shade. As a result, women with wide shoulders should think carefully before they make decisions. dress

A dress with boat collar will add your beauty of sweetness, elegance and charm. The boat collar allows elongating the neckline and shows your exquisite collarbone, emphasizing the bony sense and delicate face. If you think the sleeveless design is hardly acceptable, you may have a try on the cap sleeve design. The cap sleeve, which covers the flabby part of the arms, camouflages your flabby arms and improves the figure proportion. Moreover, it is suitable for hot days and it will keep you cool and fresh all days long. The figure-flattering design highlights your curvy figure. It is drop-dead gorgeous.
linen shift dress

A white tee with boat collar will make you enjoy your days. A white tee is widely accepted by people all over the world. It is simple but versatile. Made of pure linen clothes , the white tee will keep you better in the hot days. The long sleeve design, which can camouflage the flabby arms, is suitable in all seasons. It will also protect you from the freezing cool air condition in summer. The bateau highlights your beauty of elegance and it will camouflage your “too wide” shoulders. Two slit at either side of the hem is for convenient dressing and display your waist.
womens linen shirts

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