How to Match a Linen Skirt

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As summer is approaching, many girls are tending to wear all kinds of shorts and skirts. Linen, as a natural fabrics with the features of good permeability, heat absorption, durability, summer will become its huge stage. However, most friends may confused and have no idea how to match a linen skirt, cause linen is such a special fabric. I hope the following tips will make some help for you.
First of all, there are varies type of skirts in the market, you need to know which style of skirt you are matching for. For example, an asymmetrical style for linen skirt is very usual. Since it’s loose and relaxing, the tops could choose the vest or some tight tops to highlight the advantages of your upper body to balance out your curves and create the asymmetrical look overall.
linen skirt
Secondly, you should consider the color. Since most of linen skirts are plain and in light colors, the tops should not be so sharp, so as to keep the color harmony. If you are wearing a white line skirt, a light blue, pink or yellow T shirts are favorable with some simple patterns will be much better, making the whole look not so plain and dull.
Linen Tea-Length Skirt

Thirdly is the fabric. If you don’t want to concerns a lot, you could just pair a white linen tank or womens linen shirts for a linen skirt whatever color it is for the reason that a set of linen is such a accordance too. Or go for a super simple cotton white shirt cause white shirt is so versatile. It’s also OK to pair your skirt with a cotton-linen crop top and cardigan for a cute, layered look.

Finally you should choose a pair of shoes to match your skirt. The shoes should be decided according to the length and style of your skirt. The following picture could be a reference for you.
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