Cristina Wrinkled White Shirt

07 mar

It ‚s always make a statement with her knockout curves.
Thursday ‚, Christina Hendricks stunned while appearing in New York to promote his new comedy Fist Fight.
The beauty Auburn showed his form in a set in black and white, while she was joined by director Richie Keen to AOL Studios for BUILD series speak.

womens linen tops
Good in white! The red-haired beauty looked lovely in a ruffled white blouse that covered her ample curves
You could see the signature curves 41-year-old star under the modest appearance which featured a high-necked shirt with collar and ruffley Star embroidery.
Talent Mad Men hid the top in a big dark skirt that has still managed to cling to the sides of Christina.

The actress units added a bit ‚in height to her look with a pair of heels triple buckle that peeked out from under her long skirt during the interview.
Christina was joined by director Richie Keen, who was also there to talk about the film also starring Charlie Day, Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan.
In the next film, the shapely talent portrays Miss Monet, an acting coach whose colleagues get challenge to a fight after school.
long linen skirt
Over the next punch, the Emmy nominated talent will star in British comedy Crooked House later this year.
2016 was also a busy year for the star who has had a part in the psychological thriller The fashion-centric Neon demon and brought laughter to Bad Santa 2.
You can take Christina along with the rest of the cast of star fistfight

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