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29 gru

Chic sleeves are occasionally taken to one of the best embellishments of garments. They are not simply classified as sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves based on length any more. Today we would like to share some fancy sleeves with you.
Flared Sleeve
Flared sleeve, as its name suggests, the shape of sleeve is similar to flared trumpet. When your arms are moving, the large sleeves is flying like a butterfly in the breeze; it also like a flower in full bloom when it’s still.
Flared sleeve has a miraculous magic that even if a simple solid black/white dress, it will become fashionable and stylish with flared sleeves.

The trendy combinations of “wearing a slip dress outside” is also a great chance for flared sleeves to show its charms. Flattering fit slip dress makes a huge contrast with flared sleeves, which is also a decent look for hopper shape figures.

The fashion circle will never be static. As flared sleeve is sought-after these years, many designers are interested to add some new interesting elements to it, such as flounce, contrast piping, bowknot or ribbons.

Classic vintage turtleneck sweater with flared sleeves builds a clean-cut image.
Lantern Sleeve
The difference between flared sleeve and lantern sleeve is that the latter has gathered cuff, which blows up the sleeve like a lantern. One is flared, the other is gathered, these two kinds of sleeves have its own unique attractiveness.

No matter solid color sleeves or printed floral ones, lantern sleeves is always a good way to show your feminity. According to fashion shows, skirts or wide leg pants are the best partners for lantern sleeve linen blouses.
linen dresses with sleeves
linen trousers

Oversize Sleeve
It is specially suitable for those who prefer street style. Oversize sleeve can be combined with many different kinds of designs. Cut the crap and pictures time.




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