Soft And Natural Wide Leg Pants

19 gru

In summer, the linen was always very popular. Womens linen clothing has excellent air permeability and a soft feel. These bring an excellent wearing experience. The linen is like a spring in summer. Fresh and striking.

Soft and natural linen trousers. Wearing the body is also very enjoy. 7 minutes pants not short not short. It suits a lot of sister paper that is not cold in the knee in summer. Straight leg under wider narrow legs. For the leg type is also an excellent modification. You will want to come one!

Simple and simple linen, looks in general, but it can wear clothes with a good feeling. Wide leg pants with no additional decoration, soft and natural suspended fabric, there are folds also leave it natural, gives a relaxed yet delicate feel to the atmosphere.

Casual Loose Two Layers Linen Long Sleeve Women Dress

In the hottest days of July, really want to go to the beach, took off his shoes running in the water, the body of the skirt floating in the wind, smoke like the fog skirt is also like the ” Enchanting general wave, and in the eyes of Others, This woman like the Intelligent, delicate and beautiful water. It is linen, a touch of beauty, the beauty of literature and art.

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