Comfortable Match In The Winter

01 gru

The rule „do not wear white after Labor Day” is old news. Three local style experts share their advice on how to rock the palette of neutral colors this season.
Make: Go For Texture

This is the texture, fit and layers. Go for a lot of texture when wearing white in winter. Think big knitted sweaters by cable and soft pieces in layers like fur jackets.-Carissa Greenlee, Torn Boutique

Do not: wear white shoes

Keep the white shoes out of your winter wardrobe, and swap them for the naked shades instead. -Rachel Dillard, Lush BARTIC

Do not: confuse winter and summer whites

The colors are basically the same, but a winter white differs from your average white, as it has a more creamy tone. It is a little more luxurious and rich.-Andrea Peña, MODERN Society

Do: Make it fit your style

If you want to go for a monochromatic look, keep it simple and use different shades of white, beige, nude and cream. If you do not want to go all white, try a few simple accessories like a white winter knit scarf or a custom blazer.
linen dresss
Make: Choosing the Right Materials

Stay away from muslin, linen or pure white clothes, and exchange it for wool, cashmere and knitted materials.

Do: Get the right size

White pants are a breath of fresh air in the middle of the winter – make sure you have the right fit. Remember, white shows everything, so do not try to go down in size.-C.G.

Do: Avoid white accessories

I tend to think that the white accessories seem cheap, so I would like to go for more whites and naked clothes and pair with gold accessories. If you are not comfortable wearing white denim or dresses, I would start by wearing these shades in sweaters and tops.-A.P.

Do: Keep staples

Keep wearing your favorite white jeans in winter. Match them with a chunky sweater or be bold and wear them with a matching white top. I particularly like this with a cream or bare color scarf and a nude trench coat to break the solid white.

Do not: Follow the „No White After Labor Day” rule

I am about to break this rule. I’m even one to say that a white winter denim is acceptable after Labor Day. I think a pair of them paired with a bare or beige sweater makes a super chic look. A white winter dress with boots and a cardigan is another great look. A white winter suit will always be elegant and chic.-A.P.

Do: Use it to keep warm

Fur, false or real, is ideal for the winter months. Wear white winter gloves, jackets, hats and scarves for the perfect accessory at any outfit, and it will also keep you warm. You can also go wrong with a white or cream scarf. It pairs great with many colors.-R.D.

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