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You’Ll Want To Live In Jessica Alba’S Bardot Dress

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linen dress
Honest entrepreneur, 35, in the reform of Jaclyn Clothes to hit the streets of Los Angeles. $ 198 White ladies linen dresses with cold shoulders and pleated body. Alba, who is the mother of honor, 8, and Haven, 4, with her husband Cash Warren, pairing her black slipper sandals, Elizabeth and James Serra earrings and a pair of oversized black sunglasses.

womens linen clothing
Alba’s beauty program is as simple as her summer style. In accepting your greetings! Fashion, mechanics: resurrection star to her skin care products.

„In the morning, I use a light moisturizer and a magic balm [from her honest beauty line], which is a foot for all the balm that I use on my lips and my eyes,” she says. . „I use a hydrating mist to wake up my face, a primer that makes my face hyaluronic and gives a little reflection.

And for make-up, she only uses five products: „A color SPF moisturizing cream, and then I use cream blush, concealer and lip crayon or lip gloss, which is almost everyday for me. When I want that kind of sun kiss I would use a perm on the face and I would use a hollow on my cheek, my neck and my hairline.

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The Uses Of Linen

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Linen, a kind of cash crop, has been planted for thousands of years. The textile industry is now the largest user of Linen. Nevertheless, constant innovations appear in both textiles in technical opportunities for all parties Linen to find a specific use.
Vintage Two-Tone Long Sleeve Linen Loosefit Dresses
Linen is used for centuries in the production of clothing. Traditionally, linen is a  fiber used in weaving warp and weft (pants, shirt, jacket) for the summer collections. In recent years, Linen has experienced several innovations:

First, the transition from pure linen to blends with other fibers. Woven fabrics are  both less wrinkly and give new aspects.
Mixing with winter fibers such as wool retrieves Linen in winter and enjoy its thermoregulation qualities collections.
Knitting linen is recent. Special technology were designed to develop articles in  linen knits (T-shirts, pullovers). This new market is growing in recent  years. Linen mesh greatly reduces the humidity.

Home textile and decorations
Linen has a major role in the production of home textiles and decorations. Linen towels, linen  bedding, or even curtains, using Linen  is a tradition. Today, the success of flax is undeniable. It is popular for many reasons:
Natural beauty of the texture it brings
Its dyeing capacity
Its ability of bacteria resistance
The latest innovations have put on the market:
Washed linens for providing supple tissue
Linens coatings for outdoor use


Composite materials are an assembly between a weft fiber and a resin. Linen replaces the fiber glass and carbon that are most used in composite applications. Linen fiber interests industrialists for its qualities:

Shock absorption

Linen composites are still new products, as many projects are currently at the stage of research and development.
The potential opportunities are important:

Sports facilities (paddle, windsurfing)
Furniture (chairs, tables)
Mechanical equipment (parts for the automotive industry)
The transport industry

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