What Can We Wear In The Transitional Weather?

14 wrz

When we slip to the August, we almost make it through the summer and prepare to enter the autumn. As one of the most favorite season among people, the autumn is usually a season with nice weather. Typically, the temperature turns cooler and cooler and people will feel comfortable in this season. Women would like to spare no effort to dress themselves up before the arrival of winter. What kinds of clothes can be worn in the autumn, especially the transition of summer and autumn? The linen shirt dresses with long sleeves maybe the priority.
linen shirt dress

Inspired by the shirt design, the linen shirt dress is versatile. It can be worn in different kinds of occasions. Just as a shirt, there are shirt collar and an arrow of buttons. Distinguished from the traditional shirt collar, the collar of Customized Pure Linen Long Sleeve Split Shirt Dresses is not as formal as the shirts do. The shirt collar has been improved with shapeless design, through which the collar has turn into a sweet, lovely and soft one. Thus, the linen shirt dress is not as stereotype as the shirt. Moreover, the shirt collar can add the wearers’ beauty of softness and femininity. An arrow of buttons is embellished in front of the long linen dress, making the dress more convenient for the wearers to slip on or take off. These designs will make the wearers autumn soft and sweet.
linen dress

Except for the collar and button design, the linen fabric will also give the wearer a special autumn. As we all know, the linen fabric is cool and fresh for the wearers to wear in the summer. So did the autumn. People have a clear understanding of the absorbency of linen fabric instead of its warmth retaining. The linen fabric, in fact, is cool in the summer while warm in the winter. Apart from the exceptional coolness and freshness, the linen fabric is capable of keep warm. Considered as the second skin of human beings, the linen fabric can adjust the skin temperature automatically. Not only will the linen fiber absorb the sweat, but also it can keep the wearers warm in the cool weather. Therefore, the linen fabric is suitable for the transitional weather.

Last but not least, the long sleeve design allows the wearers to be warm or cool. Typically, the long sleeve comes down to the wrist, hiding the whole flabby arms. Most importantly, the long sleeve can keep the wearers warm. If they feel hot, the long sleeve can be rolled up.

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A Perfect Dress For Women With Straight Body Shapes

20 lip

The summer is coming and it is a season for women to show off their body and skin. However, the imperfections of the body shape impede women to do it. Women with different body shape are encountering one situation: how to avoid their figure weakness and highlight the curvy figures. Even women with straight body shape which is one of the most flattering body types among runways need to improve their figure imperfections, especially in the summer. There’s nothing better than wearing a linen cloth in the leaky days. Featuring in its absorbency, the linen fabric will keep you far away from the awful sticky feelings, allowing the skin to breathe freely. It is so absorbent that it will give the wearers exceptional coolness, freshness and comfort in the stiffing days. How can straight -shape linen dress properly this summer? Firstly, we need to have a better understanding of straight body shape.

The straight body shape, also known as H body shape and banana-shaped, is the most common types among American women. Probably women with straight body shapes are born for runways. The straight-shaped models are often seen in the runways. Typically, women with straight body shape have similar size of bust and hips. The bust and hips are balanced. The legs are slender and arms. Thus, they will be one of the best assets for this body shape. However, the waist will not be nicely defined. What’s worse, the straight-shaped women may have flat bottom. It may be hard to create a curvy one. The waist-less type and flat bottoms will make women look boyish. When gaining weight, it probably falls to torso, upper thighs and arms. As a result, the key for women to dress properly is to proportionally wear the top and bottom of the body, enhance the waist and highlight the shapely legs.
linen shift dress

A linen high waist linen shift dress will definitely make you curvy and “buxom”. It is a perfect dress for women with straight body shapes. The high waist dress hits high on the narrowest part of waist, skims over the hips and booty without pulling and miraculously lands at the perfect length that actually works in their favor. The high waist design will not only can camouflage the tummy, but also add the volume of bust and hips. If necessary, a belt tied on the waist will highlight the waist line. It can help you get rid of paper men and build a curvy figure.

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Kinds Of Fabric Will Definitely Keep You Cool In The Hot Summer

04 lip

The summer is coming and the temperature climbing quickly. How to lower your body surface temperature? Except for the thickness of the clothes, the fabric material also plays an important role in the hot summer. Now we introduce 3 kinds of fabric that will keep you cool and fresh in the summer.

Generally, there are 3 kinds of natural fiber suitable for summer dressing, silk, linen and cotton, among which the silk will keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. The silk, known as mulberry silk, is a precious gift given by nature. It is honored as the second skin of human beings in that it is skin-friendly and protects the wearers from the harm of fire. Compared with the linen and cotton fabric, the silk fabric does a better job in its lightness, drape effect, resilience, wrinkle resistance and bacteria inhibition. It has the minimum coefficient of friction among all fibers. Therefore, it is cool, absorbent and skin friendly and it will give your skin meticulous care. As soon as you slip on the silk clothing, you will say good bye to the sticky feeling.
white dress

The second absorbent fabric is the linen, followed by the cotton. The linen fabric has a long history in the fashion world. It used to be a symbol of authority and people from upper class in the ancient times. Given name as the natural air conditioner, the linen is featuring in absorbency and breathability. The linen dress is so absorbent that it can absorb moisture 20 times more than its moisture content. Thus, the linen fabric is absorb and breathable, keeping us far away from the heat and stiffing feelings. Also, the linen clothes is friendly to women who have sensitive skin. The plant ingredients of the linen fabric can anti-allergy. As a result, the linen Clothes keeps going and going and simply does not go away at all.
linen a line dress

Compared with the silk and linen fabric, the cotton fabric is wallet-friendly to each person. Although it is not as absorbent as the silk and linen, the cotton can also make the wearers comfortable in the high temperature. It is soft, absorbent but not easy to cause deformation. What’s more, there is a variety of styles in the cotton fabric. It is preferred by people not only for its relative cheaper price but also for its various styles and absorbency.

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Linen Shirt With Mini Short Is Shinning

19 cze

With the increasing temperature, the spring is passing away and the summer is coming. I think many of you have already prepared well for your summer wardrobe. Women really love and hate the summer. The summer is one of the most favorite seasons among women in that they can wear different kinds of beautiful clothes this season. However, they dislike the summer because it is hot and sticky. Anyway, we should spend the summer with a good look. Wear a dress, shirt, tee or shorts? It is hot outside while freezing cold in the room with air conditioner. How to work it? Maybe the perfect match of shirt and mini shorts may help you.
womens linen pants

Firstly, we would like to show you about the classical and the most basic shirt, the white shirt. It is simple but versatile. Therefore, the bottom short is including but not limited to the jeans one. The fabric and color of the shorts are diversified. A pair of dark red mini shorts can be a perfect match with the white shirt. It will create a sharp and fresh look. The long lantern sleeve design enables women to hide their flabby arms and improve the arm line. Besides, the long sleeve design will protect you from the fickle temperature both indoor and outdoor. The red mini short is sharp and eye-catching, elongating your leg line. A pair of leather shoes and hand bag will be perfect matches for women to create a sharp and chic office look.
linen blouse

Another fresh color in the summer may be the light blue color. A light blue shirt is like a fresh breeze in the summer; a light blue shirt is like the seawater; the light blue color is like the blue sky… In a word, the light blue shirt will give us a cool and fresh summer. It is a perfect match with the jeans or white mini shorts. A blue shirt, a pair of mini jeans short and sunglasses will create a casual but fresh summer look. Your slender legs will be displayed perfectly. If your think it still too hot for you to wear a long sleeve shirt in the hot days, a linen shirt may help you work out this situation. Although it is also long sleeve, the linen fabric will keep you cool and fresh in the sticky days. Made of linen fabric, the line light blue shirt will take you into a world with exceptional coolness and freshness with its capacity of absorbency and breathability.
Long Sleeves Blouse

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Cool And Fresh Fashion About Linen

27 maj

“I can’t bare the heat, I am leaking!” “It’s hot enough to melt hell. I hope it will be cooler soon.” “It’s stifling! I can hardly breathe.”…People cannot resist complaining the fire summer. They are suffering from the hot weather. However, there are a group of women who are slipping on the soft, fresh and tasteful linen clothes enjoying the summer. They enjoy this season without fear of heat and sweaty because of the linen fabric. Linen, the gift given by nature, is warmly chased by women in the hot days because of its absorbency, breathability and freshness. The colorful linen clothes become one of the most beautiful sceneries in the stifling days.
linen faric

Abandoning the old for the new is the nature of human beings. So did the fashion trend. However, many fashion trends have been washed off except the linen fashion. The linen fashion has been considering as a symbol of being tasteful and nobility. The linen fashion has a long history in the fashion world. Go back to the Roman Times, the linen clothes are luxurious things for the aristocrats and other people from upper ten to parade. Look back on the history of linen clothes, the linen clothes did preferred and selected by people from upper class even the kings. They are proud of the linen clothes like “Fine linen, plenty of it, and country washing” ““a gentleman should have at least 2 womens linen shirts each day” and so on so forth. Nowadays, with the development and polarity of linen production technology, everyone can afford linen clothes. They are no longer the symbolic clothes for upper class but dressing a linen cloth is a symbol of being tasteful. linen shirt dress

Nevertheless the linen clothes are prevalent among people this year. The linen is widely used in the clothes, sleeping mat, socks or even the insole among which the linen clothes are the most popular one. Typically, the linen fabric is easy to be rumpled. Thus, some people dislike the linen fabric. However, things are different nowadays. The linen fabric is no longer the longer the one it used to be. It could be either a smooth one or a wrinkled one. Made of linen fabric, the linen clothes will keep you cool, fresh and comfortable for its capacity of absorbency and breathability. Not only will it keep your skin cool and fresh, but also it will give us a delightful touch. There’re different kinds of linen clothes including linen dresses, coats, shirts, tees and overalls. This green and environmentally friendly fabric will keep you better all summer long.

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Boat Collar Linen Clothes

18 maj

The summer is coming soon and here comes a variety of beautiful clothes. The summer fashion is not only colorful but also cool and fresh. Except from the round collar and v collar, the boat collar has come into our view and has been popular among fashion in recent years. Regarded as one of the most prevalent designs in fashion world, the boat collar is charming and beautiful. So what is boat collar? Boat collar, also known as bateau collar and Sabrina neckline, is a wide and horizontal neckline. It follows the line of collarbone and it is high in front and back.

The boat neck is preferred and selected by more and more women. Do boat collar fits all figures? I don’t think so. Clothes with boat collar tend to fit women with narrow shoulders. The horizontal line will improve their narrow shoulders and make them more charming. However, women with wide shoulders should be more cautious about the boat collar. People will place great emphasis on your naked shoulders. It is easy for this collar to put you in the shade. As a result, women with wide shoulders should think carefully before they make decisions. dress

A dress with boat collar will add your beauty of sweetness, elegance and charm. The boat collar allows elongating the neckline and shows your exquisite collarbone, emphasizing the bony sense and delicate face. If you think the sleeveless design is hardly acceptable, you may have a try on the cap sleeve design. The cap sleeve, which covers the flabby part of the arms, camouflages your flabby arms and improves the figure proportion. Moreover, it is suitable for hot days and it will keep you cool and fresh all days long. The figure-flattering design highlights your curvy figure. It is drop-dead gorgeous.
linen shift dress

A white tee with boat collar will make you enjoy your days. A white tee is widely accepted by people all over the world. It is simple but versatile. Made of pure linen clothes , the white tee will keep you better in the hot days. The long sleeve design, which can camouflage the flabby arms, is suitable in all seasons. It will also protect you from the freezing cool air condition in summer. The bateau highlights your beauty of elegance and it will camouflage your “too wide” shoulders. Two slit at either side of the hem is for convenient dressing and display your waist.
womens linen shirts

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A Linen Clothes For Mother’s Day

11 maj

There’s no doubt that mother’s love is one of the most precious and everlasting things greatest love in the world. She is the sweet dew in the spring, nurturing us and making us grow strongly; she is the breeze in the summer, refreshing and comforting us gently; she is the bright moon in the autumn, encouraging and supporting you when you feel lonely; she is the stove in the freezing cold winter, melting all the obstacles and keeping you forward. A linen clothe will always keep your mum fresh and comfortable all days long, bringing her more care and warmth as what she has done for you.

The Mother’s Day is coming. Zoe and Ben are discussing about the gifts for their mums.
Ben: “Hi bro. How will you spend your time on Mother’s Day?”
Zoe: “Well, we are planning to stay at home and prepare a wonderful dinner for my mum.”
Ben: “Wow that sounds great. We are planning to go sightseeing to celebrate this special day. But now I got disturbed by the gifts. Do you have any good ideas?”
Zoe: “Ur, me too. But I have some ideas. A brunch of flowers, a bottle of ice wine or a bottle of perfume, what do you think about these?”
Ben: “Well, they are pretty good. Do you have any more ideas?”
Zoe: “What about a beautiful cloth? It must be one of the most popular gifts among moms in the world.”
Ben: “That’s it. Mum loves beautiful clothes so much. She always complains that there’s still need one more cloth in her wardrobe. But what kinds of cloth will mum love?”
Zoe: “Maybe a dress. Women always love the dresses. I suggest that you can buy a linen dress.”
Ben: “A linen shift dress? Why?”
Zoe: “I learnt that the linen fabric is flax textiles made from flax plant. It is a valuable but affordable material for clothing, possible for both hand-making and machinery-making. It is absorbent and ventilate. It will keep you cool and fresh in days especially in summer. High quality linen fabric will gives us a smooth and delightful touch. It is said that dressing linen clothing is a symbol of being tasteful. Therefore, the linen clothes are preferred and selected by more and more women. A beautiful linen dress must be a best choice for your mum.”
Ben: “Ok, thanks. I need to spend more time in selecting the style. See you later.”

Here are a few recommendations:
1.New Linen Women Loosefit Half Sleeve Tunic Dress
linen tunic dress

2.Customized Elegant Mini Women 3/4 Sleeve Linen Shirt Dress
linen shirt dress

3.Loose-Fitting Linen Knee-Length Two-Tone Dresses
linen dress

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Girly Pink

03 maj

It is said that pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and the romantic. The ironic color in spring can recall your childhood dream of being a princess, a dream of living in the sweet world where Barbie lives, a dream of owning a large quantity of beautiful clothes… Our passion towards pink color is far beyond our expectations. We, in fact, have no resistance to any pink items. Street stars, fashion bloggers and other fashion icons follow this color with a fabulous look. Now, we have a quick view of girly items.

Custom Summer Simple Linen Long Round Collar Tank
A pink tank is absolutely one of the favorable colors of women being in love or women waiting for love. The gentle color will polish your figure, adding your beauty of sweetness and loveliness. Sleeveless design enables to slenderize your arms; the big round color displays your delicate collarbone properly; the slits in either side of the hem are designed for convenient dressing and hiding our belly fat. Furthermore, the long style enables to camouflaging tummy and flabby hips. A pair of short or pant will be the perfect finishing touch to this piece.
Simple Linen Long Round Collar Tank

New Linen Stand Collar Tassel-Embellished Lady Shirts
A shirt is no longer the dull and boring one with a sweet and tender color. The soft color highlights your beauty of sweetness and elegance. The stereo-filled stand collar, which makes the linen shirts for women elegant and fashion, will balance your neck proportion and makes it more slender. Furthermore, the neckline is embellished with delicate handmade tassel, adding beauty of layering. With a stand collar, delicate tassel and lovely color, the shirt shows off women’s nature of sweet, elegance and softness. It can be paired with a pair of shorts, pants and a skirt.

pink linen shirt
Square Neckline 3/4 Sleeve Linen Women A-Line Dress

A lovely linen tank dress is a best choice for you to play cute and emphasize your charm. The three-quarter sleeve will keep you from the fickle temperature in the spring. The draw string on the waistband enables to be loose or tight, polishing your figure. What really makes the dress special is its neckline. The neckline is embellished with delicate tucks, making it lovely and jaunty. Icing on the cake, the fresh, brilliant, sweet, adorable and warm pink color will makes you like a beautiful flower in the spring.
linen dress

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Athleisure: A New Trend For Mix&Match

20 kwi

In the past, it was universally considered as indecent when you put on clothes in totally different styles. That is, however, a medieval point of view nowadays, cause mix&match style is leading the fashion. Among which, athleisure is likely to be the most popular one. It can be seen literally it’s a mixture of Athletic and Leisure. If you want to keep the pace with the new trend, let’s check what to wear.
Sports T-shirt paring with jeans
Go for a Sports T shirt with a pair of jeans. The point of this look is the sports brand logo. It functions the same as a simple patter on the shirt, but is more cool i think. This look is not only suitable for off-hours but also for college students, youthful and vigorous.


Super simple tops with sports pants.
If you are not into jeans or tights, you can go for a pair of sport pants, with a super simple white T. There are all kinds of sport pants, some are straight, some are skinny like yoga pants, some are long wide-legs style and others are sweat pants.

linen top
Sport suits with overcoat
May be many women will wear a set of sport suit at home, since it’s so comfortable. Now, you just put on an overcoat before heading out the door, a chic athleisure look has been done. How convenient it is! I love that mix&match cause it’s really customized for lazy persons. What’s more , this athleisure has appeared in Fendi Spring 2017 READY-TO-WEAR Fashion Show and got a great popularity. As the temperature rise, you could replace the overcoat by a cardigan or a linen thin coat.
linen top

Suit or blazer paring with hoodie
Also hoodie is one of the vogue icons for athleisure. It is best to go for a casual suit with hoodie, which could be little formal as well as comfortable. What’s more, since it’s spring now, the weather is warm, we can try some linen suits with hoodie, is cool enough. Just make sure not to pick a thick hoodie, otherwise you will look very bloated. Go for a bright color hoodie inside to launch your girl’s power.
linen top

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How to Match a Linen Skirt

12 kwi

As summer is approaching, many girls are tending to wear all kinds of shorts and skirts. Linen, as a natural fabrics with the features of good permeability, heat absorption, durability, summer will become its huge stage. However, most friends may confused and have no idea how to match a linen skirt, cause linen is such a special fabric. I hope the following tips will make some help for you.
First of all, there are varies type of skirts in the market, you need to know which style of skirt you are matching for. For example, an asymmetrical style for linen skirt is very usual. Since it’s loose and relaxing, the tops could choose the vest or some tight tops to highlight the advantages of your upper body to balance out your curves and create the asymmetrical look overall.
linen skirt
Secondly, you should consider the color. Since most of linen skirts are plain and in light colors, the tops should not be so sharp, so as to keep the color harmony. If you are wearing a white line skirt, a light blue, pink or yellow T shirts are favorable with some simple patterns will be much better, making the whole look not so plain and dull.
Linen Tea-Length Skirt

Thirdly is the fabric. If you don’t want to concerns a lot, you could just pair a white linen tank or womens linen shirts for a linen skirt whatever color it is for the reason that a set of linen is such a accordance too. Or go for a super simple cotton white shirt cause white shirt is so versatile. It’s also OK to pair your skirt with a cotton-linen crop top and cardigan for a cute, layered look.

Finally you should choose a pair of shoes to match your skirt. The shoes should be decided according to the length and style of your skirt. The following picture could be a reference for you.
If you have any interest on linen clothes please come and know more: All kinds of linen skirts and tops are on sale now.

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